Micro Titans: Wrestling

Micro Titans: Wrestling is a card game like no other, capturing the excitement, surprises, high spots, twists, turns and emotion of a pro-wrestling match. Season 1, MicroMania, is heavily influenced by the 1987—1992 golden era of professional wrestling. It will deliver the base game, a ten character strong roster and four additional game modes spread across multiple, fully loaded, game changing expansions.

Over the last year the game has gone from an idea born over a cuppa to a fully fleshed out, exciting and incredibly fun card game. It’s been through quite a few iterations with all manner of changes, large and small, tried out and added once we have confirmed that they work well and add to the MicroMania experience.

We have spent countless hours testing the game among ourselves and have also been fortunate enough to take it to wrestling events and board game meet-ups to get it in the hands of new players. Every time the game is played we’re experiencing new finishes, twists and turns, and big pops for unexpected outcomes.

Move sample cards

Along with these rule changes, modifications and enhancements we’ve spent a huge amount of time on balancing each of the three decks and the game as a whole and can officially now say that we have a very balanced version of a completely unbalanced game (it’ll make sense when you play it, we promise!).

High spot sample cards

We’re excited to tell you more about how the game is played, explain recent modifications and discuss other potential changes with you.

Over the course of the Kickstarter campaign we are positive that with your feedback and suggestions we can make MicroMania an even better experience; the target is to make MicroMania, to quote one of our childhood favourites, “So close to the real thing, it’s like being in the ring!”

Wildcard sample cards

The Roster

With a 10 character strong roster for season 1 we’re excited to see the matches, rivalries, tag teams and supercards that you create!

Mike Titan

The Painmaster

The Mighty Inferno


Carlos Sin


Mr Delicious


Lauren Order

Penny Tentiary